Personalized Wedding Favors & Catering

Preparing for a wedding can be fun, exciting and challenging all at the same time. There are lots of things to consider if you want a wedding to be smooth-flowing and stress-free. One of the things that you need to focus on is creating a good plan ahead of time so you can make necessary changes before that day. When making a plan, it is important to see whether all the resources are available. You may need to consider the hire of catering equipment for example. Constant communication is necessary to ensure that everything is done according to the plan. Clothing, band hire, invitations, food, location and other things need to be looked at to ensure that they all blend together. On top of these, you need to think of the perfect giveaway to make sure that everyone will remember personalised wedding favours for your wedding day.

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Thinking of keepsakes that are outside of the box should not be a problem even if you are working on a budget. There are lots of options to choose from that can impress your guests. Nowadays, it is easy to get personalised giveaways as long as you have a good concept and you know people who can help you out.

Personalised Cakes

Cakes are considered special and are used in most occasions to symbolise happiness. You can order personalised cakes and give them to your guests as a token of appreciation on your wedding day. You can have the cake designs customised with your initials or you can have the boxes personalised instead.

Personalised Candle Tins

If you want to share the love in the air, you can order customised candle tins. Scented candles are relaxing and can be a good mood-setter for couples. You can give out small personalised candle tins on your wedding day and your couple guests will truly appreciate them.

Personalised Playing Cards

If you want your wedding day to be remembered for a long time, you can give out items that are outside of the box. Personalised playing cards can be a good option as they can be kept for a long time and used on camping trips or late night house parties during weekends. Your friends will surely remember your special day each time they play games using your personalised deck of cards.

Personalised Candies and Mints

Candies and mints can be a cute way of saying thank you to your guests who attended your wedding. You can have jelly beans repacked into personalised bags or give out mint candies in small tins. Candies can be sweet and thoughtful and also be used as great giveaways.

Personalised Coffee

Many people love to start the day with a coffee. Giving away personalised coffee packs can be a perfect way to remind your guests of your special day. You can be creative and have different coffee mixes repacked with you and your partner's name as a token of appreciation.

Overall, you can have unique giveaways without the need of spending a fortune. These are a few suggestions of keepsakes that are nice but economical. You can also think of other concepts or consult wedding coordinators who have contacts to people who can do personalised wedding favours.